Things You Should Know Before Buying Pokemon Go Account

if you’re a keen Pokemon go fan, you’ll know that it’s impossible to catch them all without raising your game. So to catch the hardest-to-reach and rarest ones, you’ll need a top-quality account. If you want to buy pokemon go account, you do not know what you should know before buying a Pokemon go account. Then you come to the right place; there is some helpful advice on what to watch for regarding the benefits and downsides of various accounts. There are some major things you should know before buying Pokemon go account.

Check price and not get scammed

Do not pay more than 10 dollars for an account because the guy will always say that it is hacked and demand money back and scare you away from his site forever, never to be heard from again. Also, you can’t transfer your Pokemon in and out of gyms. Several sellers are ready to buy Pokemon go account. Unfortunately, all the guys selling accounts are just phishing people to steal their information.

Never give any phone number to someone again and never share the information of your account with anyone else. Don’t buy accounts on the go because they are just phishing sites and scam accounts, and keep in mind don’t get scammed. Do not share your account with other friends because that is too risky and against the rules. Don’t tell any strangers about your account because that could be a big spy scam.

Check the level of the game

If the seller says that his account is the top rank with the highest prestige level, don’t listen to him because that means that he has hacked someone’s account. If the seller says something like Sorry for the low level but here is 10k dollars marketing budget, he is trying to scam you. So never pay cash if you don’t have a solid trust in each other.

You should consider the level of the Pokemon go account before you’re going to buy pokemon go account. To get the most out of your account, you’ll want to ensure it’s at a high level. If it’s already got lots of Pokemon collected and some good items, then it will be a lot more useful to you. By contrast, if you’re looking to just catch legendary creatures like Mewtwo to trade them for rare items and other things – then a lower-level account may be useful instead.

Buying Premium Account

There are two types of accounts, Premium and Standard. Premium ones allow you to withdraw items and get better prices for Pokemon through a marketplace, which is useful for trading otherwise-untradeable Pokemon, such as shiny legendary ones. For this reason, a premium account is more beneficial than a standard one if you’re looking forward to using the marketplace.

These things are essential before buy pokemon go account, and if you want to win every battle on the Pokemon go game, you should buy a high-level pokemon go account.